I Know My Father, Neville Goddard, ( Complete 1-10 )


Unedited Youtube auto transcript:

0:00 I know my father by neville goddard i am
0:05 my father is he who men call God but I
0:09 know my father and man no not their God
0:12 my father and your father are one hear o
0:16 Israel the Lord our God is one Lord I
0:19 and my father are one one father made us
0:23 all to live move and have our being in
0:26 him the one who then is this one that we
0:29 have in common the one and only thing
0:32 all men have in common is this all men
0:35 know that they are this claim that we
0:38 are this awareness is our Father there
0:42 is no place that man can go and not know
0:44 that he is if I take the wings of the
0:47 morning and fly to the uttermost parts
0:49 of the earth thou art there I know that
0:52 I am if I make my bed in hell I know
0:56 that I am if I should suffer from
0:59 amnesia and completely forget my human
1:01 identity I will still know that I am it
1:05 is impossible for man to know that he is
1:07 not you can say I am NOT that but you
1:10 cannot say I am NOT for your very
1:13 knowing is a declaration that you are so
1:18 whether you claim yourself to be or not
1:19 to be you’re actually claiming that you
1:22 are thus man is ever saying I am there’s
1:27 knowing that we are this awareness is
1:29 gone to father the moment is
1:31 unconditioned awareness becomes
1:33 conditioned by claiming itself to be
1:35 this that or the other a differentiation
1:38 takes place within this formless
1:40 awareness and our impersonal father our
1:43 real self becomes personified as at
1:45 which we have conceived ourselves to be
1:48 this impersonal presence that we are
1:51 maybe like into space 4 space though
1:54 formless gives form to all if the
1:58 formless space was extracted from the
1:59 book you already know the body where the
2:01 earth you stand on I’ll would vanish
2:05 consciousness through form us gives form
2:08 to that which it is conscious of being
2:09 but the moment you would draw your
2:11 formless
2:12 LED or consciousness from your
2:14 conception of yourself the form that you
2:16 wear this conception passes away a
2:19 conception remains a formed reality only
2:22 as long as invisible reality where is it
2:25 my father is spirit formless and they
2:29 that worship Him must worship Him in
2:31 spirit and in truth I and my father are
2:35 one my awareness of being is the
2:38 formless father who gives form to that
2:41 which I am aware of being and in so
2:43 doing loses its formless nameless
2:46 presence in the form in nature of its
2:48 conception of itself as water loses
2:52 identity when mixed with things and yet
2:54 remains untarnished when it is extracted
2:56 through distillation so the awareness
2:59 the no thing loses itself in things
3:02 conceptions of itself and remains its
3:05 immaculate self through spiritual
3:07 distillation you are spiritually
3:10 distilled or extracted from your
3:12 conception of yourself when you cease to
3:15 be identified with it now that you have
3:18 found this one to be your father the
3:20 eternal now I am do not return to the
3:23 prodigal state to beg for the crumbs of
3:25 life remember your father than now the
3:28 only reality claim yourself now this
3:32 moment to be that which you desire to be
3:34 and regardless of what your claim may be
3:37 your father the awareness that is now
3:39 will give it to you by becoming the
3:41 thing claimed but you must ask him in
3:44 this manner be aware of being that which
3:49 you ask no longer look for your father
3:52 and time and space for your father is
3:55 the awareness that is now I and my
3:58 father are one but my father is greater
4:00 than I my awareness and that which I am
4:03 aware of being are one but I am greater
4:06 than that which I am aware of being the
4:09 conceiver will ever be greater than his
4:11 consumption the father consciousness is
4:15 greater than his son the conception of
4:17 himself now your eyes are opened your
4:21 father God Almighty has been revealed to
4:24 you
4:25 your awareness of being I come with a
4:32 sword before you can enter into that
4:36 piece which passes all understanding you
4:38 must first be slain of all the illusions
4:41 at now enslave you the illusions of
4:43 division if you are identified with race
4:46 creed or color and hear that which you
4:49 are identified criticized and condemned
4:51 you’ll be automatically hurt by such
4:54 criticism every attachment is a bar in
4:57 your self created prison your only
4:59 Escape lies and non-attachment you must
5:02 leave all and follow me in Christ there
5:06 is neither Greek nor Jew bond nor free
5:09 your present attachments are rooted in
5:12 you because of your present conception
5:14 of yourself your conception of yourself
5:16 is the measuring rod by which you
5:18 measure the world all things are judged
5:22 in relationship to your present
5:24 conception of yourself that remains
5:26 conception of himself is a vibrant note
5:29 in the cosmic symphony which not
5:32 automatically determines the value of
5:33 all notes in relationship to itself
5:36 change your conception of yourself
5:39 revalue yourself and you will
5:42 automatically change your world man has
5:45 always played the losing game by
5:47 attempting to change in world while he
5:49 himself remained with his present values
5:51 or conceptions of himself Jesus
5:55 discovered this law so instead of
5:58 changing men he changed himself he said
6:01 and now I sanctify myself that they also
6:04 might be sanctified through the truth he
6:08 found himself to be the truth of all
6:10 that he saw his world to be truth is the
6:14 sword that slays all but itself and i am
6:17 your awareness is the truth therefore to
6:21 be identified with anything other than
6:23 being is to be enslaved or limited by
6:25 that with which you are identified you
6:29 eternally objectify that which you are
6:31 conscious of being so you forever move
6:33 in a world
6:34 that is the perfect personification of
6:36 that which you know yourself to be to
6:39 the pure all things are pure this is a
6:43 great hurdle to those who are constantly
6:44 condemning the world there is therefore
6:47 no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus
6:50 it is recorded that the crowd left Jesus
6:54 when he revealed the working of the law
6:56 in these words no man cometh unto me
6:59 save the father in me dry him and I and
7:03 my father are one they could not believe
7:06 that they were the cause of all they saw
7:08 their will to be after thousands of
7:10 years it is still the great stumbling
7:12 block to although she the world is
7:14 something to be changed on the outside
7:17 you and your conception of yourself are
7:20 one your consumption of yourself is the
7:23 image you have made of your father this
7:25 image fashions your world in your
7:27 likeness be it good bad or indifferent
7:30 your father is your awareness who limits
7:33 you to that which you are aware of being
7:34 if you would change your world do so and
7:38 truth by knowing yourself to be all you
7:41 see the world to be you are not what you
7:45 are because of anything in the world on
7:47 the contrary the world is what it is
7:49 because of what you are the what being
7:53 the measure or value you have placed
7:55 upon yourself in short your conception
7:58 of yourself is the mole of the conceiver
8:00 your true self uses the people your
8:03 world begin to transform the world by
8:06 claiming yourself to be that which you
8:08 desire to see expressed in the world
8:10 follow the example of Jesus who made
8:13 himself one with God and found it not
8:15 strange or robbery to do the work of God
8:19 freedom is not one by the sweat of the
8:21 brow stop wrestling with the world it is
8:25 only a reflector Jacob was freed only as
8:28 he loosed out what she had wrestled
8:30 likewise you will be free only as you
8:33 follow his example and lose your problem
8:36 by not identify yourself with it for
8:39 that which is bound in heaven or
8:41 consciousness is bound on earth and that
8:45 which is loosed in heaven
8:46 is loosed on earth you shall know the
8:50 truth and the truth shall set you free I
8:53 am the truth so in reality to know
8:57 yourself the condition is to be free
8:59 from that which is your blindness you
9:01 believe yourself to be leave all and
9:04 just be me
9:11 the foundation stone seiki the kingdom
9:15 of heaven and all things will be added
9:17 unto you find the cause of things and
9:20 you have found the secret of creation
9:22 you have heard it said that in the
9:25 beginning God created the heaven on the
9:27 earth that all things were made by him
9:29 and without him was not anything made
9:31 that was made no one questions the truth
9:34 of this statement but what one does want
9:37 to know is who is God and where’s got
9:40 located in answer to the who you are
9:42 told I am God i am the lord I am hath
9:47 sent me the man Moses unto you as to the
9:51 location of God you are told the kingdom
9:53 of God is within you these two answers
9:56 identify God as your awareness of being
9:59 and locates him where you are aware of
10:02 being to be conscious of being is to
10:06 silently declare I am as you read this
10:10 page you are aware of being this
10:13 awareness this consciousness of being is
10:15 God the Creator awareness is that
10:20 formless deep in which all things live
10:22 move and have their beam and apart from
10:25 which things have no reality this is a
10:28 secret of the statement before Abraham
10:31 was I am before the world was i am and
10:35 when all things shall cease to be I am
10:40 awareness of being precedes all
10:43 conception of itself and remains its
10:45 former self when all of its conceptions
10:47 cease to be the Creator must precede
10:51 creation as the conceiver precedes his
10:55 conceptions creation begins and ends in
10:58 the Creator consciousness is the secret
11:02 of all manifestation every creation
11:05 passes through three stages in its
11:07 unfoldment conception crucifixion and
11:11 resurrection ideas desires ambitions are
11:16 all conceptions moving within the
11:19 motionless being I am consciousness is
11:23 far
11:24 and all conceptions of itself our
11:26 children bearing witness of their father
11:29 therefore I and my father are one but my
11:32 father is greater than I the conceiver
11:35 and the conception or one but the
11:37 concealer is greater than its conception
11:40 awareness is unconditioned to be aware
11:44 of being something or someone is
11:46 conditioning the unconditioned that
11:50 which is defined is less than the
11:52 definer awareness of being is the all
11:55 mighty God the everlasting father upon
11:57 whose shoulders is the government of the
11:59 world awareness sustains and directs all
12:03 things that it is aware of being
12:06 consciousness of being is the eternal
12:08 womb impregnating itself through the
12:11 medium of desire to be conscious of an
12:14 urge or desire is to have conceived to
12:17 believe by feeling yourself the formless
12:20 to be the thing desired is to be
12:22 crucified upon the form of the thing
12:25 felt to continue in the belief feeling
12:29 that you are now the thing desired until
12:31 all doubts cease and a deep conviction
12:34 is born that it is so is to be
12:36 resurrected or visibly lifted into
12:38 expressing the nature of the thing felt
12:41 at this very moment you are resurrecting
12:44 or expressing that which you are
12:47 conscious of being I am the resurrection
12:50 and the life i am now out picturing in
12:54 the world round about me as a living
12:57 reality that which i am now aware that i
13:00 am and i shall continue to do so until I
13:02 change my conception of myself so your
13:06 answer and consciousness to the eternal
13:08 question Who am I will determine your
13:11 world and its every expression begin now
13:15 to realize that I am is the Lord God
13:18 Almighty and beside me your awareness
13:20 there is no other God
13:23 not I John Doe is God but i am the
13:26 awareness of being is God John Doe is
13:31 only its present limitation or
13:32 conception of itself I am the limitless
13:35 expressing through the limited
13:37 conception of myself to change the
13:40 expression change the conception of
13:42 yourself but do so in truth not in words
13:46 that is turn your attention completely
13:48 away from your present limitation and
13:50 place it upon the new conception until
13:52 the awareness your true being is lost in
13:56 the belief or conviction that I am that
13:59 I am this is the reclosing or rebirth of
14:04 your formless nameless self your true
14:07 self is a self who no man sees and who
14:11 sees not itself but sees only its
14:14 conception of itself in the beginning
14:17 now this moment the idea or desire is
14:20 swimming around in your consciousness
14:21 seeking embodiment before the desire can
14:25 be realized or resurrected it must first
14:27 become a cross or a fixed point upon
14:30 which consciousness is nailed awareness
14:33 is the only living reality the only
14:36 resurrecting power so to give life to my
14:39 desire I must in consciousness become
14:42 aware of being the thing desired Let
14:45 there be a firmament in the midst of the
14:48 water in the midst of the waters or
14:50 formless awareness let there be a
14:53 firmness or conviction that I am the
14:56 thing desired continue to stand upon
14:59 this conviction or cross and in ways
15:02 unknown to use man you will realize I’ll
15:05 resurrect your desire life for awareness
15:08 has ways that man the conception knows
15:11 not of its ways our past fighting out
15:14 life’s present conception of itself as
15:16 man is a mask that it wears within this
15:20 beam that you think you are is your
15:23 nameless self I am the foundation of all
15:27 expression is consciousness and other
15:29 foundations no man can lay try is man
15:33 will he cannot find another car
15:35 of manifestation other than God his
15:38 consciousness of being man thinks he has
15:41 found the cause of disease and germs the
15:44 cause of war and conflicting political
15:46 ideologies and greed all such
15:49 discoveries of man catalogued as they
15:51 are the essence of wisdom are
15:53 foolishness in the eyes of God there is
15:56 only one power and this power as God
15:58 consciousness it kills it makes alive at
16:02 wounds it heals it does all things good
16:04 bad or indifferent a prisoner must have
16:08 a jailer a slave a master a nation that
16:12 feels itself to be in prison will
16:14 automatically create a dictator you
16:16 could no more rub on a tyrant by
16:18 destroying them then you can your
16:20 reflection by destroying the mirror the
16:23 consciousness of a nation produces its
16:25 leaders that which is true of a nation
16:27 is true of an individual for nations are
16:30 made up of individuals man moves in a
16:34 world that is nothing more nor less than
16:36 as consciousness objectified not
16:39 knowingness he wars against his
16:41 reflection while he keeps alive the
16:43 light and the images which throw the
16:44 reflections I am the light of the world
16:48 I am consciousness is the light that
16:52 which I am conscious of being my
16:54 conception of myself such as I am rich I
16:57 am healthy I am free are the images the
17:03 world is the mirror magnifying all that
17:05 I am conscious of being stopped trying
17:08 to change the world it is only a mirror
17:10 telling you who you are the man who is
17:13 conscious of being free or imprisoned is
17:15 expressing that which is conscious of
17:18 being I do not care what men have
17:20 diagnosed your problem to be a problem
17:23 might have a history ages long yet i
17:26 know it will vanish in a twinkle of an
17:27 eye if you will faithfully follow this
17:30 instruction ask yourself this simple
17:33 question how would I feel if I were free
17:37 the very moment you sincerely asked this
17:39 question the answer comes no man can
17:43 tell another how that other would feel
17:45 if his desire were suddenly realize
17:47 but everyone would know how he himself
17:49 would feel for such feeling would be
17:52 automatic the feeling or thrill that
17:55 comes to one in response to herself
17:56 questioning is the father state of
17:59 consciousness or foundation stone from
18:02 which will come the thing felt just how
18:05 this feeling will embody itself no one
18:07 knows but it will for the father
18:09 consciousness has ways that no man knows
18:12 of make the new feeling natural by
18:15 wearing it all things express their
18:18 nature so you must wear this feeling
18:20 until it becomes your nature it might
18:23 take a moment or a year it is entirely
18:25 up to you the moment all doubts vanish
18:28 and you feel I am this you begin to bear
18:31 the fruit of the nature of the thing you
18:32 are feeling yourself to be when a person
18:36 buys a new hat or a pair of shoes he
18:38 thinks everyone knows that they are new
18:40 he feels unnatural with them or until he
18:42 wears them long enough to make them
18:44 natural the same applies to the wearing
18:46 of the new state of consciousness when
18:50 you ask yourself the question how would
18:52 I feel of my desire were this moment
18:54 realized the automatic reply is so new
18:57 that you feel that is not yours that it
18:59 is not true therefore you instantly put
19:02 this new state of consciousness off and
19:04 immediately return to your problem
19:06 because it is more natural not knowing
19:10 that consciousness is ever out picture
19:12 in itself and conditions around about
19:13 you you like Lot’s wife look back upon
19:16 your problem and once again become
19:19 hypnotized by its naturalness do you not
19:22 hear the words of Jesus salvation leave
19:25 all and follow me let the dead bury the
19:29 dead your problem might have you so
19:32 hypnotized by its seeming reality and
19:34 naturalness that you find it difficult
19:36 to wear the new feeling or consciousness
19:38 of your Savior but we’re at you must if
19:41 you would have results the stone
19:44 consciousness which the builder rejected
19:47 or would not wear is the chief
19:49 Cornerstone and other foundations no man
19:52 can lay
19:57 the IM oppression every impression must
20:03 become the affirmation of that which is
20:05 to be to say that i shall be greater
20:08 than I shall be free is a confession
20:10 that I am not great and I am not free to
20:14 see yourself as becoming anything is to
20:16 know that I am not that thing to be
20:19 impressed is to be I am pressed
20:23 first-person present tense all
20:26 expressions are the result of I am
20:29 oppressions only as I can claim myself
20:32 to be that which i desire to be will I
20:35 express such claims let all your desires
20:38 be impressions of that which is not that
20:41 which is to be for I am your awareness
20:44 is God and God is the fullness of all
20:48 the eternal now I am m signs follow they
20:54 do not proceed you will never see the
20:57 signs of that which is take no thought
21:00 of tomorrow for your tomorrows are the
21:02 expressions of your todays impressions
21:05 now is the accepted time the kingdom of
21:09 heaven is at hand Jesus or salvation
21:12 said I am with you always your awareness
21:15 is the Saviour that is with you always
21:18 but if you deny him he will deny you
21:21 also you deny him by claiming that he
21:24 will appear as millions today are doing
21:26 when they claim that salvation is to
21:28 come which claim is the equivalent of
21:31 saying we are not saved you must stop
21:34 looking for your Savior to appear and
21:36 claim yourself to be saved now and the
21:39 signs of your claim shall follow when
21:42 the widow was asked what had she in her
21:45 house there was a recognition of
21:47 substance now in her claim of three
21:50 drops of oil not empty measures three
21:52 drops became a gusher of claimed for
21:56 your awareness magnifies all let it is
21:58 conscious of being to claim that I shall
22:00 have oil or joy is to confess that I
22:03 have empty measures which consciousness
22:05 of lack will produce lack
22:08 God your awareness is no respecter of
22:11 persons and can only express that which
22:13 it is impressed your every desire is
22:17 determined by your need desires are
22:19 automatic knowing that you are aware of
22:22 the desire and that your awareness is
22:24 God you should look upon each desire as
22:27 the spoken word of God telling you of
22:30 that which is turn from the scene of man
22:33 whose brothers in his nostrils for he
22:36 sees his desire as that which is not we
22:40 shall ever be that which we are aware so
22:43 never again claimed I shall be that that
22:46 all claims from now on be I am that I am
22:52 before they ask i have answered before
22:55 you have time to think the solution of
22:57 your problem was given to you in the
22:58 form of your desire the blind the lame
23:01 the halt all automatically desire
23:04 freedom from limitation man is so
23:06 schooled in the belief that his desires
23:08 are things to struggle over that he in
23:11 his ignorance denies his savior who was
23:13 constantly knocking at the door of
23:14 consciousness I am the door to be let in
23:18 would not your desire if realized save
23:21 you from your problem to let your savior
23:24 in is the easiest thing in the world
23:26 things must be to be let in you are
23:30 conscious of a desire therefore that is
23:32 our is something that you are aware of
23:33 now your desire though invisible must be
23:37 affirmed by you to be something that is
23:39 real God calleth those things which be
23:43 not are not seen as though they were the
23:47 claim I am he or the thing desired is
23:50 letting your savior in every desire is
23:55 the Savior’s knock at the door this
23:58 knock every man hears man opened the
24:01 door for him to enter when he claims i
24:03 am he see to it that you let your savior
24:07 in by letting the thing desired press
24:09 itself upon you until you are impressed
24:12 with the nowness of your savior and
24:13 utter the crime victory it is finished
24:21 he who has for he that hath to him shall
24:27 be given and to he that hath not from
24:30 him shall be taken even that which he
24:33 hath though many look upon this
24:35 statement to be the most cruel and
24:36 unjust of the same attributed to Jesus
24:39 creating as it has the world over the
24:41 many popular remarks such as the rich
24:44 get richer and the poor get children he
24:47 who has gets etc it still remains a most
24:50 just and merciful law based upon a
24:52 change was principal God is no respecter
24:55 of persons God as we have discovered is
24:58 that unconditioned awareness who gives
25:00 to each and all that which they are
25:03 aware of being to be aware of being or
25:06 having anything is to be or to have that
25:09 what you all wear of being upon this
25:12 changes principles all things rest it is
25:15 impossible for anything to be other than
25:17 that which it is aware of being to him
25:21 that hath that which he is aware of
25:24 being it shall be given good bad or
25:27 indifferent it does not matter what it
25:30 is that you are aware of being you will
25:32 receive pressed down shaken together and
25:35 running over all that you are conscious
25:37 of being in keeping with the same
25:40 changeless law to him that hath not it
25:43 shall be taken from and added to the one
25:45 that hath so the rich do get richer and
25:49 the poor get poorer yes he who has gets
25:53 you cannot express that which you are
25:56 not conscious of being you cannot serve
25:58 two masters your masters ever that state
26:02 of consciousness with which you are
26:03 identified therefore that which is not
26:06 unconscious is taken from it because it
26:09 was never part of it and added to that
26:11 consciousness which it is aware of all
26:15 things gravitate to that consciousness
26:18 with which they are in tune and likewise
26:20 all things disentangle themselves from
26:23 that consciousness with which they are
26:25 not in tune so instead of joining the
26:28 chorus of the
26:29 nods who insist on destroying those who
26:32 have recognized this changeless law of
26:35 expression and consciously claim
26:37 yourself to be that which you have
26:38 decided to be after your decision is
26:41 made and your conscious claim
26:43 established continuing your confidence
26:45 until you receive your reward for as the
26:48 day follows the night you will receive
26:51 that which you have consciously planned
26:52 for yourself thus that which to the
26:56 sleeping Orthodox world is a cruel and
26:58 unjust law becomes to the enlightened
27:00 the most merciful and just statement of
27:03 truth I am come not to destroy but to
27:07 fulfill knowing that God does not
27:11 destroy anything she toured that you are
27:14 that claim yourself to be that what you
27:17 want him to fulfill nothing is destroyed
27:20 all are fulfilled circumcision
27:30 circumcision is the operation which
27:33 removes the veil that hides the head of
27:35 creation the physical act has nothing to
27:38 do with the spiritual act the whole
27:40 world could be physically circumcised
27:43 and yet remain unclean and blind leaders
27:45 of the blind the spiritually circumsized
27:48 have had the veil of darkness removed
27:50 and know themselves to be Christ the
27:52 light of the world let me now perform
27:55 the spiritual operation on you the
27:57 reader this act is performed on the 8th
28:00 day after birth eight because eight is
28:03 the figure that has neither beginning or
28:05 ending which act is to reveal the
28:08 eternal head of creation that changed
28:11 with something in which all things begin
28:13 an end and remains its eternal self when
28:16 all things cease to be this mysterious
28:20 something is your awareness of being at
28:22 this moment you aware of being but you
28:25 are aware of being someone this someone
28:28 is the veil that hides the beam that you
28:30 really are you are first conscious of
28:33 being then you are conscious of being
28:35 man
28:36 after the veil of man is placed upon
28:38 your faceless self you become conscious
28:40 of being a member of a certain race
28:42 nation family Creed etc the veil to be
28:46 lifted in spiritual circumcision is the
28:49 veil of man but before this can be done
28:52 you must cut away the adhesion of race
28:54 nation family and so on in Christ there
28:58 is neither Greek nor Jew bond nor free
29:00 male nor female you must leave father
29:04 mother brother and follow me to
29:07 accomplish this you must stop
29:08 identifying yourself with these
29:10 divisions by becoming indifferent to
29:12 such claims indifference is the knife
29:15 that sellers feeling is the toilet bond
29:19 when you can look upon man as one grand
29:22 Brotherhood without distinction of race
29:23 creed or color then you will know that
29:27 you have severed these adhesions with
29:29 these ties cut all that now separates
29:32 you from your true being is your belief
29:34 that your man to remove this last veil
29:38 you must drop your consumption of
29:39 yourself as man by knowing yourself just
29:43 to be instead of the consciousness of IM
29:46 man let there be just I am faceless
29:50 formless awareness then unveiled and
29:53 awake you will declare and know that I
29:56 am is God and beside me this awareness
29:58 there is no God this mystery is told in
30:02 the Bible story of Jesus washing the
30:05 feet of the disciples it is recorded
30:08 that Jesus laid aside his garments and
30:10 took a towel and girded himself then
30:13 after washing his disciples feet he
30:15 wiped them with the towel wherewith he
30:17 was girded Peter protests and was told
30:20 that unless his feet were washed he
30:22 would not have no part of Jesus Peter
30:24 replied Lord not my feet only but also
30:28 my hands and head jesus answered and
30:31 said he that is washed needeth not saved
30:34 to wash feet but is clean every wet
30:37 common sense would tell the reader that
30:40 a man is not clean all over just because
30:41 his feet are washed so he should either
30:44 discard the story or look for CH hidden
30:46 meaning
30:46 every story of the Bible is a
30:48 psychological drama taking place in the
30:51 conscious of man and this is no
30:53 exception this washing of the disciples
30:56 feet is the mystical story of spiritual
30:58 circumcision or the revealing of the
31:01 secret of the lord jesus has called the
31:04 Lord you are told the Lord’s name is I
31:07 am he seuss i am the lord that is my
31:11 name Isaiah 40 28 Jesus is girded with a
31:15 towel therefore his secrets are hidden
31:18 Jesus or Lord symbolizes your awareness
31:21 of being whose secrets are hidden by the
31:24 towel or consciousness of man the foot
31:27 symbolizes the understanding waukee in
31:30 his footsteps understanding which must
31:34 be washed by the Lord or awareness of
31:36 all human belief or conception of itself
31:38 as the towel was removed to dry the feet
31:41 the secret to the Lord are revealed in
31:44 short the removing of the belief that
31:47 you are man reveals your awareness as
31:49 the head of creation man is the foreskin
31:53 hiding the head of creation i am the
31:56 lord hidden by the veil of man
32:03 crucifixion and resurrection the events
32:07 of crucifixion and resurrection are so
32:10 interwoven they must be explained
32:11 together for one determines the other
32:13 this mystery is symbolized on earth and
32:16 the ritual of Good Friday and Easter you
32:19 have observed that these days are not
32:20 fixed but change from year to year they
32:23 fall anywhere from the last week of
32:24 march to the last week of april the day
32:27 is determined in this manner the first
32:30 Sunday after the full moon in aries is
32:32 celebrated as easter aries begins on the
32:3521 st day of march and marks the
32:37 beginning of spring this movable date
32:40 should tell the observant one to look
32:42 for some interpretation other than the
32:44 one given him seen from the earth the
32:47 Sun in its northern passage appears at
32:50 the spring season of the year to cross
32:52 the imaginary line
32:53 man called the equator so what is said
32:56 by the mystic to be cross ified or
32:58 crucified that man might live they
33:02 noticed that soon after this event took
33:03 place all nature began to rise will
33:05 resurrect itself from its long winter
33:07 sleep therefore they concluded this
33:10 disturbance of nature at this season of
33:12 the year was due to rectly to this
33:14 crossing thus they believed that the Sun
33:17 must have shed his blood at the Passover
33:20 if these dates mark the death and
33:22 resurrection of Jesus they would be
33:24 fixed like all other historical events
33:27 but this is not the case however these
33:29 dates do symbolize the death and
33:31 resurrection of the Lord but this Lord
33:34 is your awareness of being it is
33:36 recorded that He gave His life that you
33:38 may live I am come that you might have
33:42 life and that you might have it more
33:44 abundantly as spring is a time of the
33:47 year when the millions of seeds which
33:50 all winter lay buried in the ground
33:51 suddenly spring and divisibility that
33:53 man might live and because the mystical
33:56 drama of the crucifixion and
33:57 resurrection is in the nature of this
33:59 yearly change it is celebrated at this
34:02 spring season of the year but actually
34:04 this taking place every moment of time
34:06 the beam that is crucified is our
34:09 awareness of being the cross is your
34:12 conception of yourself the resurrection
34:15 is the lifting indivisibility of this
34:18 conception of yourself far from being a
34:21 day of mourning a good friday should be
34:23 a day of rejoicing for there can be no
34:25 resurrection without a crucifixion the
34:28 thing to be resurrected in your case is
34:30 that what you desire to be to do this
34:32 you must feel yourself to be the thing
34:34 desired you must feel I am that for I am
34:39 the resurrection and the life yes I am
34:43 your awareness of being is the power
34:46 resurrected in making life that which
34:49 you are aware of being too shall agree
34:52 on touching anything and I shall
34:54 establish it on earth the two agreeing
34:57 are you your awareness and the thing
34:59 desired that which you have decided on
35:01 to be through becoming aware of
35:04 when this agreement is attained the
35:06 crucifixion is completed to have crossed
35:09 or cross ified each other I am and that
35:13 the thing desired have joined i am now
35:16 nailed upon the form of that the nail
35:19 that bind you upon the cross is the nail
35:22 of feeling the mystical marriage is now
35:24 consummated and the result will be the
35:26 birth of a child or the resurrection of
35:29 a son bearing witness of his father
35:32 consciousness is wedded to that which it
35:35 is caught Sabine the world of expression
35:38 as a child confirming this union the day
35:41 you cease to be conscious of being that
35:44 would you are now conscious of being
35:45 that day your child or expression shall
35:48 die and return to the bosom of his
35:51 father the faceless formless awareness
35:54 all expressions are the result of such
35:56 mystical marriages so the priests are
35:59 correct when they say all true marriages
36:02 are made in heaven and can only be
36:03 dissolved in heaven but let me clarify
36:06 this statement by telling you that
36:08 heaven is not a locality it is a state
36:11 of consciousness the kingdom of heaven
36:13 is within you in heaven consciousness
36:16 God is touched by that which is aware of
36:19 being who has touched me for I perceive
36:23 virtue has gone out of me the moment is
36:27 touching or feeling takes place there is
36:29 an offspring or going out of me into
36:31 visibility taking place the day man
36:35 feels I am free I am wealthy I am strong
36:38 god I am is touched by these qualities
36:41 of virtues and the results of such
36:44 touching will be seen in the birth or
36:45 resurrection of the quality felt for man
36:49 must have visible confirmation of all
36:52 that he is conscious of being now you
36:55 will know why man or manifestation is
36:58 always made in the image of God your
37:01 awareness images and out pictures all
37:04 that you are aware of being I am the
37:07 Lord and beside me there is no other God
37:09 I am the resurrection and the life
37:17 no other God thou shalt have no other
37:22 God beside me as long as a man
37:25 entertains the belief and powers apart
37:27 from himself so long will he Rob himself
37:29 of the beam that he is every belief and
37:33 powers apart from yourself whether for
37:35 good or evil will become the moles of
37:37 the graven images you will worship the
37:39 belief and the potency of drugs to heal
37:42 diets to strengthen money to secure are
37:45 the values or money changers that must
37:48 be thrown out of the temple ye are the
37:50 Temple of the Living God a temple made
37:53 without hands it is written my house
37:57 shall be called of all nations a house
37:59 of prayer but you have made it a den of
38:01 thieves your beliefs in the potency of
38:05 things are the thieves at rob you there
38:08 is only one power one Savior I am he it
38:13 is your belief in the thing and not the
38:15 thing itself that age you therefore stop
38:18 transferring the power that you are two
38:20 things round about you claim yourself to
38:22 be the power which you have in your
38:24 ignorance given to another it is easier
38:28 for a camel burden as he is with the
38:30 so-called treasures of life to go
38:32 through the needles I a small gate in
38:34 the walls of Jerusalem so named because
38:36 of its narrowness then a rich man the
38:39 opinionated man filled with his human
38:41 values to enter the kingdom of heaven
38:44 man is so filled with human values and
38:47 riches as to the reason of thing is that
38:49 he cannot through so dark avail as the
38:52 wisdom of man see that the only reason
38:54 or value to anything is that all things
38:57 are expressing perfectly that which they
38:59 are conscious of being when man realizes
39:03 that the consciousness of equality
39:05 expresses that quality without the aid
39:07 of anything else he will become the poor
39:10 man the foolish man who has no reason
39:12 for anything happening other than that
39:14 which is happening is perfectly
39:16 expressing that which it is conscious of
39:19 being such a one has thrown out the
39:21 money changers or many values and is
39:24 knowledge
39:24 eldest one value consciousness the Lord
39:28 is in his holy temple consciousness
39:31 dwells within that which it is conscious
39:33 of being I am man is the Lord in this
39:38 temple and knowing that the conscience
39:40 of wealth produces wealth as the
39:41 consciousness of poverty produces
39:43 poverty he forgives all men for being
39:46 what they are for all are expressing
39:49 without the aid of another that which
39:52 they are conscious of being he knows
39:55 that a change of consciousness will
39:58 produce a change of expression so
40:00 instead of sympathizing with the bangers
40:02 of life at the temples gate he declares
40:04 silver and gold have I none for thee but
40:08 such as I have the consciousness of
40:10 freedom give I unto thee stir up the
40:14 gift within you stop begging and claim
40:17 yourself to be that what you were
40:19 begging for do this and you too will
40:21 jump from your crippled world into the
40:23 world of freedom singing praises to the
40:25 lord I am far greater is He that is in
40:29 you than he that is in the world this
40:33 cry of everyone who finds the where
40:35 pneus of being to be God your
40:38 recognition of this fact will
40:39 automatically cleanse a temple of the
40:41 thieves and robbers and restore to you
40:43 that dominion over things which you lost
40:46 the moment you forgot to command don’t
40:49 you have no other gods beside me
40:56 thy will be done not my will but thine
41:01 be done this resignation is not one of
41:04 blind fatalism but it is the illumined
41:06 realization that I can of myself to
41:09 nothing the father within me he do with
41:11 the work when man wills he attempts to
41:15 make something appear in time and space
41:16 which he knows does not now exist he is
41:20 not aware of that he is really doing but
41:22 what he actually does is this he
41:24 consciously states I do not possess the
41:27 capacities to express it now but I will
41:30 acquire these capacities in time in
41:32 short I am NOT but I will be man does
41:37 not realize that consciousness is the
41:39 father who does the work so he attempts
41:42 to express that which he is not
41:44 conscious of being such struggles are
41:46 doomed to disappointment for only the
41:48 present expresses itself unless I am
41:51 conscious of being that which I seek I
41:53 will not find it God your awareness is
41:57 the substance and fullness of all God’s
42:01 will is the recognition of that which is
42:03 not of that which shall be instead of
42:07 seen this same as thy will be done see
42:11 it as thy will be done is done the works
42:16 are finished the principle by which all
42:17 things are made visible is eternal even
42:20 though eyes have not seen nor ear heard
42:23 neither hath it entered into the hearts
42:25 of man the things which God hath
42:27 prepared for those who love the law when
42:31 a sculptor looks at a formless piece of
42:33 marble he sees buried within its
42:34 formless self his finished piece of art
42:37 so the sculptor instead of making his
42:39 masterpiece merely reveals it by
42:42 removing that part of the marble which
42:44 hides his conception the same applies to
42:47 you in your formless awareness I am lies
42:51 buried all that you’ll ever conceived
42:53 yourself to be the recognition of this
42:56 truth will transform you from that of an
42:58 unskilled laborer who tries to make
43:00 itself to that of a great artist who
43:02 recognizes it to be so your claim that
43:06 you are now that which you want to be
43:09 we’ll remove the veil of human darkness
43:11 with its I will be and reveal your
43:14 perfect claim I am that God’s Will was
43:18 expressed in the words of the widow it
43:21 is well man’s will would have been it
43:24 shall be well to state I shall be well
43:28 as to say I am ill God the eternal now
43:30 is not mocked by words or vain
43:32 repetition God continually personifies
43:36 that which is thus the resignation of
43:40 Jesus who made himself equal with God
43:42 was turning from the recognition of lack
43:45 which the future indicates with I shall
43:48 be to the recognition of supply by
43:51 claiming i am that now you will see the
43:55 wisdom in the words of the Prophet when
43:56 he stated let the weak say I am strong
43:59 Joel 310 man in his blindness will not
44:03 heed the prophets advice so he continues
44:06 to claim himself to be weak poor
44:08 wretched and all the other undesirable
44:10 expressions from which he is trying to
44:12 free himself by ignorantly claiming that
44:14 he will be free from them there is only
44:18 one door through which that what you
44:19 seek and enter your world when you say I
44:22 am you are declaring yourself to be
44:25 first-person present tense again to know
44:28 that I am is to be conscious of being
44:31 consciousness is the only door therefore
44:35 unless you are conscious of being that
44:38 which you seek you seek in vain if you
44:41 judge after appearances you will
44:43 continue to be enslaved by the evidence
44:45 of your senses to break from this
44:48 hypnotic spell of the sense as you are
44:49 told go within and shut the door the
44:54 door of the senses must be tightly shut
44:55 before your new claim can be honored
44:57 this closing the door the census is not
45:00 as difficult as it first appears to be
45:02 it is done without effort it is
45:05 impossible to serve two masters at the
45:07 same time the master man serves in that
45:11 which is conscious of being I am Lord
45:13 and Master of that which I am conscious
45:16 of being it is no effort for me to
45:20 conjure poverty if I unconscious
45:22 poor my servant poverty is compelled to
45:25 follow me the conscience of poverty as
45:27 long as i am the lord conscious of being
45:29 poor instead of fighting against the
45:32 evidence of the senses you simply claim
45:35 yourself to be that what you desire to
45:36 be as your attention is placed on this
45:40 claim the door of the senses
45:42 automatically closed against your former
45:44 master that which you’re conscious of
45:46 being as you become lost than the
45:49 feeling of being this which you are now
45:51 claiming yourself to be true of yourself
45:53 the doors once more open but as you have
45:56 discovered they permit only the present
45:58 that which i am now conscious of being
46:00 to enter and you behold your world
46:03 expressing that which you are conscious
46:06 of being therefore let us follow the
46:09 example of Jesus who realizing that he
46:12 could as man do nothing to change his
46:13 present picture of luck close the door
46:16 of his senses and went to his father to
46:19 whom all things are possible having
46:22 denied the evidence of his senses he
46:24 claimed himself to be that which but a
46:26 moment before his senses told him that
46:28 he was not knowing that consciousness
46:31 expresses its likeness on earth he
46:33 remained in the claimed consciousness
46:35 until those doors his sense is opened
46:37 and confirmed the rulership of the Lord
46:39 remember i am is Lord of all never again
46:44 use the will of man which claims i will
46:46 be be as resigned as jesus and claim i
46:50 am that be ears that hear let these
46:59 saenz sink down into your ears for the
47:01 Son of man shall be delivered into the
47:03 hands of man be not as those who have
47:06 eyes and see not and ears and hear not
47:09 let these revelations sink deep into
47:11 your ears for after the Sun or idea is
47:14 made manifest man with his false values
47:17 or reason will attempt to explain the
47:19 why and wherefore of the sun’s
47:21 expression and in so doing will rent him
47:24 to pieces after men have agreed that a
47:27 certain thing is impossible to do let
47:29 someone accomplish the impossible thing
47:31 and all including the wise ones who
47:33 could not be done when begin to tell you
47:36 why it happened after they are all
47:38 through tearing the seamless robe or the
47:41 cause of manifestation apart they will
47:43 be as far from the truth as they were
47:45 when they proclaimed it impossible as
47:48 long as man looks for the cause of
47:51 expression in places other than the
47:53 expresar he looks in vain for thousands
47:56 of years man has been told I am the life
47:59 in the light of the world no
48:01 manifestation cometh unto me save I draw
48:04 it but man will not believe it he
48:07 prefers to believe in cause outside of
48:09 himself the moment that which was not
48:11 seen become seen man is ready to explain
48:14 the cause and purpose of its appearance
48:16 thus the son of man the ideas of
48:19 manifestation is constantly being
48:22 destroyed by the hands or reasonable
48:24 explanation or wisdom of man now that
48:27 your awareness is revealed to you as a
48:29 cause of all expression do not return to
48:32 the darkness of Egypt with its many gods
48:34 there is but one God the one God is your
48:38 awareness and all the inhabitants of the
48:41 earth are reputed is nothing and he do
48:44 with according to his will in the army
48:46 of heaven and among the inhabitants of
48:48 the earth and none can stay his hand or
48:51 say unto him what doest thou if the
48:55 whole world shall agree that a thing
48:56 could not be done and you became aware
48:59 of being that which he had agreed upon
49:01 could not be expressed you would express
49:03 it your awareness never asks permission
49:06 to express that which you are aware of
49:08 being it does so naturally and without
49:12 effort in spite of the wisdom of man and
49:14 the opposition of the armies of both
49:15 heaven and earth salute no man by the
49:18 way is not a command to be insolent warn
49:21 friendly but a reminder not to recognize
49:24 a superior or to see in anyone a barrier
49:26 to your expression for none can stay
49:30 your hand or question your ability to
49:32 express that which you are conscious of
49:34 being do not judge after the appearance
49:37 of a thing for all our is nothing in the
49:40 eyes of God when the disciples through
49:43 their judgment of a peer
49:44 saw the insane child they thought it a
49:47 more difficult problem to solve than
49:49 others had seen and so failed to achieve
49:52 a cure in judging after appearances they
49:56 forgot that all things were possible to
49:58 God hypnotized as they were to the
50:00 reality of appearances they could not
50:02 feel the naturalness of sanity the only
50:05 way for you to avoid such failure is to
50:08 constantly bear in mind that your
50:09 awareness is the all-mighty all-wise
50:11 presence who without help effortlessly
50:15 out picture that which you are aware of
50:17 being be perfectly indifferent to the
50:21 evidence of the senses so that you may
50:23 feel the naturalness of your desire and
50:25 your desire will be realized turn from
50:28 appearances and feel a naturalness of
50:31 perfect sanity and sanity will embody
50:33 itself your desire is the solution of
50:37 your problem as a designer is realized
50:40 the problem is dissolved your desires
50:41 are the invisible realities which
50:44 respond only to the command of God God
50:48 commands the invisible to appear by
50:50 claiming himself to be the thing
50:52 commanded he made himself equal with God
50:55 and found it not robbery to do the works
50:57 of God now let us say sink deep in your
51:00 ear be conscious of being that which you
51:04 want to appear end of chapter end of
51:12 book this audio presentation of I know
51:14 my father by neville goddard has been
51:17 brought to you by audio enlightenment
51:18 calm copyright 2015 all right reserved

The Essence of Prayer and Meditation


0:00 again I just like to carry on from we
0:05 just left off because this question
0:09 regarding prayer and meditation which is
0:12 your part of devotion and knowledge in
0:17 prayer
0:18 well I’m sure that you know that some of
0:22 some of us have been saying a daily
0:24 press since child and in prayer I
0:29 sometimes feel on the separate self
0:32 addressing God or awareness or knowing
0:37 as an object highly idealized of course
0:42 but still separate now should one stop
0:47 saying the prayers one has been having
0:51 this habit of saying every day should
0:54 one learn to let awareness seep into
0:57 those very words that one has been
0:59 saying or put otherwise can awareness
1:05 preto itself or can only be silent that
1:11 is being meditation
1:20 what a beautifully formulated question
1:34 you’re absolutely right foot the
1:41 penultimate prayer he in the penultimate
1:47 present the separate self and directs
1:51 its attention towards God which is
1:53 considered to be outside of and at an
1:58 infinite distance from itself so
2:06 although in this kind of Prayer the
2:08 separate self is directing its longing
2:13 towards God it’s prayer depends upon its
2:18 own existence so in the ultimate
2:24 analysis this prayer reinforces the
2:30 separate self so in the ultimate that’s
2:35 the penultimate prayer but in the
2:38 ultimate form of Prayer the very self
2:42 that would pray to God has to dissolve
2:47 in that to which it praise or in that
2:53 for which it lungs so the ultimate
2:57 prayer is not a directing of the self
3:01 towards card but a sinking or dissolving
3:07 of the self into God so it is owned in
3:16 other words let me put it in another way
3:18 our longing for God proceeds from
3:25 ourself to towards God always towards an
3:31 object but
3:35 in order to find what we are truly
3:40 looking for are lonely has to subside or
3:44 fall backwards into its source rather
3:48 than go outwards towards its object the
3:55 self has to recognize that at the what
3:59 it seeks for at a distance from itself
4:03 lies in the origin of itself and those
4:14 of you that
4:14 come on my retreat have heard me say
4:16 this so often but i can’t improve on it
4:21 the Italian monk describing the essence
4:26 of prayer when he said Lord thou art the
4:29 love with which I love the
4:36 he thought that he was loving that with
4:40 his own love he was directing that love
4:44 towards God and then he realized that
4:48 God is the very love which he was
4:54 directing towards the object so what you
4:59 are praying to lives at the origin of
5:02 your prayer it can never live at the
5:04 destiny of your prayer and it’s a
5:13 sinking of your longing into its source
5:19 not a directing of your longing towards
5:21 God was roomy said in the existence of
5:29 your love I become non-existent that’s
5:36 the ultimate prayer
5:44 so
5:47 your question can await awareness preto
5:50 itself it’s the same question that we
5:54 discussed a few days ago can awareness
5:56 direct its attention towards itself
5:59 no it is too close to it sapphic can the
6:04 Sun Shine on itself
6:07 no it’s too close to it self-awareness
6:12 cannot direct its attention towards
6:14 itself God cannot pray to itself the Sun
6:20 can’t shine on itself so this this is
6:29 then that the higher meaning of the word
6:32 prayer in there in most cases prayer is
6:35 considered to be something that the
6:37 separate self does that this evidence of
6:39 pyrex it’s love towards god it’s not a
6:44 directing of love towards god it’s a
6:49 sinking backwards into that love
6:54 so did your devotion then start as an
6:58 output you know absolutely and is it now
7:00 you’re divorcing is that inward it
7:03 yes my devotion started with a
7:08 conventional idea of God and the night
7:12 and devoted myself to that God but i
7:17 always found the separate self remained
7:20 intact so I was frustrated
7:28 although I couldn’t formulated at the
7:30 time admit I was trying i wanted to
7:35 remain intact as a separate self and to
7:38 know God either separate self wanted to
7:40 know god it’s like and moth wanting to
7:44 experience the flame
7:47 it’s like the market is attracted to the
7:49 flame but he wants to touch the flame so
7:52 that it can experience it but the month
7:55 can never experience the flame because
7:58 as soon as it touches the flame it dies
8:01 so it was like that I was like a moth to
8:06 a flame I wanted to experience I the
8:10 separate self wanted to know god I
8:14 wanted to fly into the flame and remain
8:16 alive
8:17 it’s not possible
8:21 so then I realized that I did what I was
8:33 conceiving as God was in fact my very
8:37 own self but with a limit attached to it
8:42 so this limit itself was trying to
8:46 approach God but God was shining at the
8:50 heart of this limited self but couldn’t
8:54 be clearly seen because of its
8:56 limitations and that’s when it became
9:00 clear that in order to to know God one
9:03 cannot know God one can only be the
9:05 absolute the i has to make this as to
9:09 either make an investigation called self
9:12 inquiry or it has to surrender itself
9:15 which is the equivalent of self-inquiry
9:19 on the path of devotion
9:22 it’s either self abidance or herself
9:24 surrender but what is being surrendered
9:28 in fact are all the limitations that
9:32 this self has it acquired leaving the
9:37 absolute reality of the self shining and
9:40 that is what is called
9:41 infinite being or infinite consciousness
9:43 so the Sun itself cannot approach God
9:48 because the self is already that for
9:50 which it is longing but it cannot know
9:53 that because of its limitations
9:55 that’s the beautiful thing ramana
9:58 maharshi said when the I this means the
10:01 separates that when the i know i’m sorry
10:04 let me give you the quote first when the
10:05 is divested of the I only I remains when
10:11 the separate self is divested from all
10:13 the its separate qualities only I the
10:17 same self the self that it always is
10:20 remains but no longer colored by
10:24 limitations
10:25 there’s only 1i there is only one self
10:29 and that is God’s self the self of each
10:33 of us is God’s infinite being only
10:36 limited apparently by thoughts and
10:39 feelings which makes God’s infinite
10:41 being appear to be a separate self that
10:45 separate self cannot approach God
10:46 because that separates up is already the
10:50 absolute with herself assumed limit
10:52 attached to it so all in all we can do
10:55 is surrender those limits in fact we
10:57 don’t even need to surrender those
10:58 limits we just need to see that those
11:00 limits don’t apply to what we really are
11:03 so if we look at what we really are we
11:09 realize I’m not limited by my thoughts
11:12 feelings sensations and perceptions at
11:14 some point this what we really are
11:16 shines as it is so the essence of of
11:24 prayer is not a movement of the self
11:27 towards God but a surrendering of the
11:31 self into its essence
11:38 so would it be fair to say that when you
11:44 free you actually meditated or yes put
11:48 prayer and meditation in the ultimate
11:50 analysis of the same thing the
11:54 penultimate meditation is to direct
11:57 one’s attention towards an object such
11:59 as a mantra of flame the breath a
12:02 teacher just as the penultimate prairies
12:05 to direct ones love towards God so in
12:09 these forms of meditation and prayer
12:12 they are different and that is why the
12:15 Christians argue with the Buddhists
12:18 about the difference between prayer and
12:22 meditation is because they’re talking
12:24 about these these certain that’s called
12:31 an objective types of meditation and
12:34 prayer meditation and prayer that
12:36 require the directing of our attention
12:40 or are longing towards some kind of
12:42 object however idealized as you same but
12:46 in the highest forms of meditation and
12:49 prayer our attention and our longing are
12:53 not directed outwards towards the object
12:55 they sink or low backwards or inwards
13:00 towards their source and the source is
13:02 the same the source of attention and the
13:07 source of longing is the same we call
13:11 the source of attention consciousness
13:13 and we call this source of longing love
13:15 but they’re the same consciousness and
13:18 love are the same so yes the essence of
13:26 meditation and the essence of prayer are
13:28 identical
13:33 and that the Christian mystics called
13:36 the essence of prayer the practice of
13:38 the presence of God it wasn’t to do with
13:42 directing the longing towards God it was
13:45 it was the practice of the presence of
13:47 God

The Golden Reality of ‘I Am’


Auto transcript:

0:00 yeah
0:09 yeah
0:10 but we do like to talk about the crucifixion at the end of the room
0:19 there’s a triptych of the crucifixion and it’s a sort of image I’ve been
0:26 familiar with and all my life three and then the story i was just looking around
0:40 ready during meditation and then the effect of that whereas previously I’ve
0:48 tried to extract meaning from it this morning in the atmosphere in this room i
1:00 found that it was seemingly radiating something which affected my heart made
1:13 it it made it lighter
1:16 yes even now when I look at it I feel the site or something that in this
1:21 present happen stick the first time I’ve had that kind of experience since the
1:31 question but when you look at that painting what is it that really shines
1:38 it’s the the figure of Christ and the figure of marion John that sort of
1:51 triangular that triangle the
1:58 old against the other . background she went when I look at it it’s the gold
2:04 that shines I see the figures of as the absence of the gold but what really
2:11 shines is the gold and it’s very interesting that the Gold is everything
2:17 around the body and the head in other words what is being made to shine is the
2:23 space in which the bodies appear they didn’t paint the bodies gold they
2:29 painted everything except the bodies gold in other words when you come into
2:36 the room and see the painting that what is it that shines out it’s the gold the
2:43 bodies are like I can hardly see them that their shadows but the gold seems
2:49 out but that’s what the painter wanted to draw attention to that that’s why in
2:55 medieval paintings that that the Halos they paint a halo around the head in
3:00 gold
3:03 the head is thought mind and what they wanted to draw attention to was the
3:08 space in which the mind appears not the mind itself and here like this morning
3:18 they’re drawing attention not just to the space in which that the mind the
3:22 head appears those are the Halos but the space in which the whole scene appears
3:26 the whole group of bodies that the space is being given prominence it’s saying
3:34 see that the space is shining and the objects are actually the absence of that
3:41 shining
3:47 that’s my interpretation of that painting what it was was not on an
3:57 intellectual experience with an experienced in the heart was that an
4:02 enlivening yes of the heart and that came from the attitude of the figures
4:07 yes particularly the figure of Christ yes okay but you see again i would say
4:24 that this this painting draws attention to what doesn’t die when Christ died
4:37 what didn’t stop shining when Christ body stopped shining so there isn’t
4:51 sorry the spirit and how is the spirit depicted in that picture
4:56 it’s the brilliant gold which even in the face of death it is not dimmed it
5:06 doesn’t go dark the body goes dark the body dies but the spirit shines and in
5:13 fact it is the death of the body and that is what is depicted in this
5:18 painting it is the death of the body that draws attention to the
5:23 deathlessness of the Spirit
5:30 see what what what what died when Christ died i don’t really see that anything
5:39 died it was the initiation of a a new epoch of mankind
5:49 I think that’s it and always here essential message of that new epoch the
5:59 small insofar as i was thinking about it
6:01 compassion that’s always been I’ve never really understood the crucifixion
6:12 I’ve never really understood the mass for example I was a teenage catholic and
6:20 i left it behind you see good christ sake before Abraham was I am what I am
6:40 was present for Abraham was is what I am now what was he referring to and he said
6:55 I am I am now what I was before abraham was born consciousness yet he wasn’t
7:08 referring to I the body that was his essential message
7:13 be still and know that I am is God be still
7:22 that is
7:26 turn away from the agitation of the mind this is nothing to do with the minded
7:33 behind know the stillness that is behind the mind and know that that that I am is
7:48 God or the ultimate reality and that is ever-present he is a concession to 40
8:00 had saved before Abraham was I am so he’s confounding he’s saying before I
8:05 want Abraham was in the past and then he uses the present tense i am he doesn’t
8:11 say before Abraham was I was he says before Abraham was that he takes us into
8:17 the past and then says I am this I am that is now the eternal present is
8:23 eternally present and that is what I eternally and before the arising of all
8:31 bodies and all worlds and the I am that that each of us knows everybody now
8:39 knows the experience i am and that I am is as we said on the first evening it is
8:44 the hole in you and hear the hole in a piece of paper it is it seems to be in
8:51 the paper but when we approach that whole we realize it is just an empty
8:57 space which is not in the paper the paper is in that space so the I am is
9:04 the hole through which the separate self accesses it’s eternity it through which
9:11 the separate self goes out of time into eternity through the portal I am or the
9:18 thought I
9:23 stands for be still and know that I am as God is the ultimate reality within
9:36 the experience of meditation that is is made real
9:42 yes but it only adds to the mystery of the crucifixion yes but that is the
9:49 message of the crucifixion the message of the crucifixion and the resurrection
9:56 and the Transfiguration are these three stages that you find in all the great
10:02 religious tradition the crucifixion the death of everything we thought ourselves
10:07 to be the death of the identification with the body that that’s the UNT
10:15 yesterday but for those less that’s end of page one chapter mine the discovery I
10:20 am awareness
10:22 I am NOT the body then the resurrection is the discovery this is for the rest
10:29 fast arrest of chapter one the discovery the nature of the being that i have
10:35 discovered myself to be so the crucifixion
10:38 I am NOT the body I am consciousness the resurrection that is that the
10:43 resurrection of the true either discovery of the nature of the
10:47 consciousness that i have discovered myself to be and then chapters 2 212 the
10:54 Transfiguration that is the realignment of the colonization of the body the mind
11:02 and the world with the infinite light of pure consciousness that I know myself to
11:06 be the transfiguring of the body-mind the outshining of the body-mind in the
11:12 light of pure awareness for these are the three stages the crucifixion the
11:17 resurrection and the Transfiguration
11:23 there’s an illusion only Brockman is real ramen is the world is ramana
11:29 maharshi’s way of describing the same thing I am something I am nothing i am
11:38 everything Zen the path from I am something to I am nothing that is the
11:45 path from I am the body to I am awareness is what in his entry which
11:49 they called the great death that’s what’s depicted up here the great desk
11:54 but then the path from I am nothing awareness to i am everything that is the
11:59 ad shining of the body-mind world in the light of pure knowing that is called the
12:04 great rebirth in his end tradition that is what this picture is is trying to
12:15 trying to evoke in us i thought that was very interesting but the experience is
12:30 going this morning was more like the kind of visual meditation yes yes and it
12:38 had power
12:39 yeah I can see that previously okay but I don’t want to interpret your your
12:49 meditation because that’s something obviously very very genuine for you a
12:53 very powerful for you
12:55 the the and thatthat’s then I’ve not tried to give you an a rational
13:02 explanation rational analysis of this painting but you got the message at a
13:11 visceral level and bypassed thought and that is the purpose of party doesn’t go
13:19 through thinking it goes by a sensation and perception and so if i don’t want to
13:26 touch your your experience it’s obviously very very genuine what I’m
13:31 saying is not in any way to to deny your experience and just giving
13:36 my interpretation of this is the best thing

Be clean

Genesis 35:2


God = the cause of the phenomena of life… why do things happen in my life?

Garments = believes that we wear, that shape our appearance as a person.


“If I use the word God or the word Christ, the word Jesus, the word Lord, and in any way it conveys the sense of an existent someone or something outside of yourself, you have the wrong concept.”


Choose Whom You will Serve
…22 Joshua said to the people, “You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen for yourselves the LORD, to serve Him.” And they said, “We are witnesses.” 23″Now therefore, put away the foreign gods which are in your midst, and incline your hearts to the LORD, the God of Israel.” 24The people said to Joshua, “We will serve the LORD our God and we will obey His voice.”…
Joshua 24:23